Masala Box is an essential tool box at the core of all Indian cooking-a round stainless steel container within which are several small round containers that hold spices. It is to every Indian chef what a palette is to a painter. Traditionally it is referred to as a ‘dabba’ or Box.

My fondest memories growing up in humble settings were of family members gathered around for dinner, sharing bread and dishes over stories of the day. Our family history of migration took us from India to Philippines to Europe to Canada and now the US. I found that despite regional and cultural differences, we are all intrinsically alike; the act of eating and drinking together is the simplest form of pure joy and affirmation of being a family, connecting with friends and integrating into a community.

It is unfortunate that when it comes to Indian food, it is synonymous with ‘hot and spicy’. A flavorful Indian meal requires a sensitive understanding of how spices work together; arising from the Ayurvedic principles of well-being, every spice used in Indian cooking has health benefits that go beyond flavor and nourishment.

Inspired from travels and assimilation of all cultural influences along the way, my love for food and passion for cooking is always evolving. Fusing home style cooking approach with modern artisanal techniques, our contemporary menu has something for everyone, the offerings are bound to make some nostalgic and pleasantly surprise many to re-think Indian food. The emphasis is always on freshness and flavor, ‘hotness’ is optional.

My life’s journey has brought me here; we welcome you to our home
we are here to create,
here to serve and above all
here to connect.
Hope for your reciprocation.

khao, pio, jiyo [eat, drink, live]

Sumita Gohal-Verma
Executive Chef